About The Partnership

Cesium Communications has continued to develop other areas of expertise  by partnering with individuals who have great knowledge and experience to offer our specific clientele. One such unique and highly qualified business associate is Arthur Van Ast. He was welcomed into our organization to enhance our established offerings in the area of business development and corporate consulting.

Like founder David Gates, Arthur Van Ast excelled in several areas of business expertise at a very young age. His background includes extensive experience in all areas of lending and finance with an emphasis on creation, development and restructuring of corporations. He has been responsible for strategic planning for entire corporations including managing, directing and coordinating both retail and wholesale sales as well as the administrative staff. Arthur’s experience includes setting production goals and standards, developing budget parameters and establishing and maintaining policies and procedures to provide continued growth and stability. Further experience involved the selection and sorting of market conduits in order to maintain a competitive product menu within geographic markets and changing market conditions while at the same time working closely with the staff and the wholesale market to enhance product design, pricing and net income.

Mr. Van Ast began his career after receiving his Bachelors of Arts Degree in Business with emphasis in Economics, Marketing, Operations and Management at the University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada. He has held titles such as Vice President of Capital Mortgage Corporation in Grand Rapids, Michigan; President of Anchor Federated Home Mortgages in Grand Rapids, Michigan; and Chairman of the Board of CU Support Services in Tampa, Florida. Since then, Arthur has been consulting to privately held corporations and individuals and now resides in Vail, Arizona as President and Senior Consulting Partner of Cesium Corporate Consulting, a division of Cesium Communications.

Arthur Van Ast has received awards for excellence such as “Banker of the Year”, was honored with a prestigious “Marketing and Design Annual Award”, was nominated Kiwanis President, and was designated “Instructor for Dale Carnegie”.  At present, he also continues to be  recognized by various volunteer organizations.