Recent Projects

Cesium performs pre-purchase, in field, propagation analysis. Many clients utilize these services as the essential component for go/no-go decisions about broadcast station and/or site acquisition. Sometimes this work is done with operating signals. And, in other cases, this work is a detailed review of the seller’s representations, seller’s signal projections, and Cesium’s own analysis.

With Propagation Analysis, one of Cesium’s key advantages, with this service, is experience. When directional FM antennas were first permitted, Cesium’s founder, David Gates, established one of the very first directional FM’s ever authorized by the FCC. In that process, he, quite literally, developed the specific procedures necessary for certifying directional FM’s in the Final Certification and Submission Process to the FCC. These same procedures are on file and are in use today, by our team and subsequent others, in submissions to the FCC. 

Precision at Elevation

For years, Cesium personnel have been on the antenna design ranges for antennas around the world. Cesium personnel have decades of real world experience in the signal interactions between antennas and towers, and then the real world effects as those RF signals propagate over varying topography in a multitude of situations, across multiple countries and continents. Cesium personnel have such extensive prior experience that they know what signal strategies provide the greatest success probabilities and what is more likely to fail from both a theoretical and a real world experience standpoint.