Broadcast Due Diligence

Due diligence inspections are properly performed by FCC Licensed personnel.

Due diligence studies are a normal, frequent, and on-going part of Cesium Client services. Thorough and standardized due diligence procedures include: detailed checklists, significant equipment complements for advanced testing, when necessary, and standardized reporting systems.

The available technical equipment complement owned by Cesium includes advanced test equipment such as; a digital calibrated theodolite, digital spectrum analyzers (including the particular ibiquity specified Agilent model E4402-B for HD Radio Measurements), Potomac Instruments Test Sets and many other high end, industry leading, equipment complements.

Cesium Communications is currently active and involved in "real life" broadcasting and technical services, including HD Radio. Current Cesium work encompasses the whole of Broadcasting Technical Services with current experience in; RF Propogation, Advanced Antenna Design, Propogation Analysis (pre and post construction), Studio Design and Construction, Microwave Systems Path Design and Development, Telecommunications Infrastructure Design and Deployment, New Tower Site Development and Advanced Troubleshooting Skills exhibiting a firm that is current with modern technology, rules, and systems.

Cesium Communications works in dialogue with Clients to determine the level of due diligence that is necessary for the station(s) of interest. Not every due diligence project requires the same amount of study, and prudence with economic resources is essential to maximize the Client's profitability. Cesium will help determine the scope and degree of scrutiny necessary, based upon the capital at risk, for the particular transaction.

Ask to see a current example of our work with appropriate redactions to protect the privacy of our Clients and stations of study.

For answers to your questions, or for expert help and recommendations from the leading providers of Broadcast Due Diligence, contact Cesium Communications.

Client Quote

"Cesium Communications provides the best due diligence work in America flight engineering all the way." - Todd W. Fowler, President - Brokerage Division, American Media Services