About the Founder

Cesium Communications is a company of both great depth and considerable breadth. Its roots go back to the history of founder David Gates. Mr. Gates took an intense interest in life from a young age and set out with a fervor and passion to study multiple fields in great detail. Add several decades to a life like that and the result is a company whose breadth and depth of expertise is proven across multiple disciplines.

Curriculum Vitae:  David L. Gates

Mr. Gates is a truly unique individual who has had an extraordinary and highly productive career. He has demonstrated expertise, success, and great depth across multiple businesses and widely divergent disciplines. At the Presidential, Officer, and CxO level, Mr. Gates has seasoned experience in; banking, sales, multi-million dollar broadcast based corporations, multi-million dollar deal work (exceeding HSR thresholds), marketing, Fortune 500 market research and engineering. Most of his career, from his mid-20s on, has been spent in highly demanding Senior Management positions with some of America’s most effective and market-dominant companies. In addition to extended Post-Graduate study in advanced Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Research and Management, Mr. Gates also possesses the full battery of advanced Commercial FCC licenses including:  General, Radar and the full GMDSS International complement.  Further, Mr. Gates has advanced Post-Graduate certifications in Project Management from both SMU’s School of Engineering and Boston University. Mr. Gates is a patent holder on both a national and international basis and maintains multiple business interests in his portfolio, including true high-end executive business consulting for both general and technically-specific business classes, electronic design work from audio through the RF spectrum, hyper-critical RF design and signal propagation analysis, and General Broadcasting.

For his rare moments away from the office, you can find David searching the night sky with his Mead telescope, hiking into the remote wilderness, or exploring remote areas of the country in his custom-built and highly modified off-road Jeep.