Expertise and Philosophy

Corporate Capabilities and Areas of Expertise

The broad areas of Cesium’s excellence include; Engineering, Cross-Discipline Systems Design and Integration, Major Project Management, and Advanced Business Consulting for top level executives and boards … primarily in those businesses with a technological component. In essence, Cesium Communications is a “go-to” service organization for fast paced companies, entrepreneurs and people on the move.

Cesium Communication’s Philosophy of Business Success

Some may consider the principals upon which Cesium Communications was founded, and operates, to be a little out of fashion in today’s “me” society because they place such a focus on principal based motivations and actions and genuine service to others. Cesium Communications is self-funded, owes no money, and capitalizes its own growth.

To do this, founder David Gates has worked very hard over an extended period to grow the company independently, based on the highest principles of helping others and making this world a little better place for the efforts of the organization. These beliefs have to do with the responsibility he feels that we all have to give back to society and to make a positive difference. To this end, Cesium Communications developed a simple internal test which is applied to all existing and potential Client relationships.

Cesium’s Gauge for New Client Acceptance

Cesium Communications only accepts business from Clients, in any of its disciplines, if it believes that all of the following statements can be confirmed in the affirmative with respect to the prospective client.

- Cesium Communications can truly add substantial value to the Client, and/or the Client’s organization, and/or the Client’s customers.

- Cesium Communications can do great work for the Client in question.

- Cesium Communications’ team members can have fun doing the work.

- Cesium Communications can serve the Client in a manner that is jointly profitable to both the Client and Cesium Communications.

- The efforts of Cesium Communications will genuinely improve the lives, the people involved, and the world … as touched by this experience.

Transparency, Freedom, and the Best of the Best

Cesium Communications is one hundred per cent privately held and owes no debt. Without debt load, Cesium’s overhead is significantly lower. Additionally, Cesium Communications tightly controls both its internal and Client related expenses, with an ongoing internal audit program. These procedures allow Cesium Communications to be financially efficient for our Clients. Cesium’s fees are kept to a minimum and many of our clients consider Cesium Communications to be their most cost-efficient provider. It is not uncommon for Cesium Communications’ Clients to realize substantial savings over general market rates, when compared with like-kind services in all their detail.

Cesium Communications also has a philosophy of transparency on a Client basis with respect to earned fees and costs for that particular Client’s services. It is not at all uncommon for Cesium’s Clients to understand, participate in, and agree in the decisions about cost structures, fees charged, and Cesium’s overall profitability with respect to its work.  

Cesium Communications maintains a strong internal structure, an emphasis on openness of communication, acting on the proper principals in all situations, and true leadership. By operating without debt, Cesium eliminates many of the pressures which force inappropriate compromise in more traditional organizations. In essence, Cesium Communications maintains its freedom to do the right thing in its circumstances with the world.

The “best-of-the-best” are hard to find, and Cesium Communications maintains an extensive and proprietary nexus of experts, suppliers, and vendors who are considered “Best in Class” and work as part of the Cesium Team from time to time, as varying projects necessitate and their respective capabilities and areas of expertise are warranted.